Precautions for disinfection with UV lamps

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One is the disinfection effect.

The disinfection effect of ultraviolet rays is affected by many factors such as lamp quality, irradiation time, disinfection distance, temperature, humidity, lamp cleaning and objects to be disinfected.

The second is protection.

Avoid damage to health due to UV exposure.


(1) Purchase qualified UV lamps and install and use them in strict accordance with the product instruction manual. Make a record of the use time, and replace the lamp in time after the service life of the lamp is reached;

(2) Ultraviolet rays have poor penetration, and are generally used for smooth surface disinfection, and evenly irradiate the parts to be disinfected;

(3) Keep the surface of the UV lamp clean;

(4) During disinfection, when the temperature is <20°C or >40°C, or the relative humidity is >60%, the irradiation time should be appropriately extended;

(5) The switch is set on the wall above 2 meters from the ground, the switch box cover is set, and the eye-catching warning sign is pasted on the box cover;

(6) Ultraviolet lamps should be used for indoor air disinfection when no one is present;

(7) Some types of ultraviolet lamps will generate ozone during use, and they should be ventilated in time after the disinfection is completed.

CDC reminds you to standardize the use of UV lamps, be more careful and less risky! 
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